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Silicone Split-Pour Cup UPDATED VERSION!

Silicone Split-Pour Cup UPDATED VERSION!

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Time to LEVEL UP your resin pouring game! The silicone split-pour cups are BACK and better than ever! These new cups are bigger, stronger, feature a pointed pour spout to keep your swirls looking sharp, and each chamber has been carefully designed to hold the exact same amount of resin! 

  • 2-Chamber cup: each chamber holds approximately 35ml (total: ~70ml)
  • 3-Chamber cup: each chamber holds approximately 22ml (total: ~66ml) 
  • 4-Chamber cup: each chamber holds approximately 16ml (total: ~64ml)

NOTE: these cups are 100% handmade and designed by me; they are NOT a mass manufactured product. Because of this, they may have some slight cosmetic imperfections.

SHIPPING: This is not my full time job, so shipping times may vary. I try to ship at least once a week around the weekend. This means if you place your order in the Friday-Monday range, your order may ship almost immediately, or may take a week to ship. I appreciate your patience and understanding! 

AUSTRALIAN BUYERS: Current restrictions are not allowing USPS packages into Australia. If you are in Australia you must choose a UPS shipping option or your order will be refunded.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Cade Grandstaff
Great Quality and Easy to Use

These cups are awesome. I love the size of them, not only for the amount of resin it holds, but the shape and size is great since my hands go numb if I am holding something small that requires precise movements for longer than a few seconds. With how large they are, I did not have this issue. They're also super flexible and easy to clean out cure leftover resin.

Christy Rabold
Love these!

I bought all of the split pour cups and they're awesome!

Love the results

I wish there was a 5 and 6 pour option. I want all the options now haha!


Silicone Split-Pour Cup UPDATED VERSION!

Will Walker
Works Like a Charm

Great product. Does exactly what I need it to do. Would highly recommend Firebolt Dice.